The recipe for a website that adapts to your changing needs

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As your product moves through its lifecycle – from introduction through growth, maturity and decline – your website needs to adjust accordingly. During the introductory stage, your site should reach and teach prospects. As your product matures, your site should pivot toward reaching and reminding customers to act. You must also be able to act swiftly to changes in the marketing environment, which may include anything from new competition to an economic shift that may affect your sales. Checkerboard suggests building a scalable website, which will adapt as your business needs change.

Ingredients of a scalable website

  1. Industry-standard tools. Start with technology that will easily enable you to add or adjust content based on what your customers and prospects need to know about your product. For example, Checkerboard designs our sites using WordPress because it’s scalable, customizable and flexible.
  2. Responsive web design. The rise of mobile-only website users – they now surpass desktop-only users – means every website must perform well on a smaller screen. Ensuring your website is accessible to  on-the-go consumers is one way to keep up with, or even outsmart, your competitors.
  3. A foundation of marketing expertise. Web designers who also understand marketing pay close attention to ensuring your site tells your story correctly. They know that your marketing needs will  change over time. Checkerboard’s designers, for example, carefully organize the right information in the right spots to help our clients’ companies – and their products – adapt and move forward.
  4. A design team that offers ongoing site development. Web builds are probably not your primary business. It’s difficult to keep up with technology updates and trends. Unlike some agencies, we don’t just build a website then walk away. Checkerboard builds long-term client relationships to ensure you have access to our strong knowledge base. We train you to use your site, and we’re your cavalry should you need it. You’re in charge of positioning your product, and we’re always here to help, from updating links to designing new graphics to stay on point.

We build sites that grow with you

For more than 20 years, Checkerboard has built websites with our clients’ futures in mind. We begin our relationship by getting to know you, your company, your product and the people who want it. This information enables us to perfectly position your product depending on its place in the product lifecycle. There’s no guesswork here; it’s all based on our knowledge and experience. We can stick with our clients long after building their websites to ensure their dynamic marketing needs are met. Our clients trust us with making continued site alterations and improvements because they know how seriously we take their company’s goals.

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