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Over the years, YouTube has become an increasingly important avenue through which you can speak to your audience. While some industries and businesses are more conducive to video than others, there are almost always ways that it can be used to your benefit. In fact, YouTube is the #2 search engine, so more and more people are going there to not just watch videos, but find what they want in general. You may be losing out by not being there.

So you create a YouTube channel, but now what? How can your ensure your business has a meaningful presence and stands out above the crowd? Fortunately, Google has created a YouTube Creator Playbook, full of tips and best practices to help you be most effective. Don’t be intimidated by the “professional” videos you see on YouTube. Remember, there is no “one-size-fits-all” solution. The “KISS” principle applies in many cases. In addition, many of the tips in the playbook are just basic, fundamental steps anyone can take with their videos and don’t require special software or expensive resources. I’d encourage you to give it a read and see how it can help you create better, more engaging, and more discoverable videos on YouTube. (Or, maybe it will spur you to GET on YouTube in the first place.)

I’ll be honest – I didn’t realize the YouTube Creator Playbook was available until recently. There’s just so much to keep abreast of that it never crossed my path. But it’s definitely something I’ll be keeping in my toolbox going forward, and hopefully you find it valuable as well.

YouTube Creator Playbook