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Often the biggest problem customers have with social media, and with search engine optimization (SEO) through blogging, is they don’t know what to say.  Our local business starter pack is designed to give businesses a jump start into their SEO, social media and email marketing programs.  We start with a simple content schedule centered around our clients’ daily routines.  Continue reading for content ideas.

Content Marketing Editorial Schedule

Content idea #1: Case Study / Portfolio

Build your online showroom with examples of projects you have completed.  Whether your industry is landscaping and home building or related to another service industry, examples of your work and/or how you help your customers are ideal subjects.  Be sure to use the right tagging strategy. For example, you might want to include tags for the cities/industries in which you work and the services you provide.  This content provides the bedrock for a solid localized or niche SEO program.  We work with our clients to develop the process for adding items to their portfolio so it becomes a tool their website visitors and sales staff can use.


Content idea #2: Where you are working

This content type is a simple yet effective way to communicate with your clients. Describe where you are working, or a current project. Clients will see the types of work you do and which locations you serve.  These posts are stored on your website as well as communicated through Twitter and Facebook as simple status updates.

Content idea #3: Testimonials

Don’t throw testimonials in the file cabinet. Put them online for potential clients and search engine spiders to see.  Again with proper tagging of data, you or your sales staff can pull testimonials from a specific industry to share with potential clients.

Content idea #4: Updates

These are your basic blog posts.  We usually go into more detail with our clients about the categories of information they want to communicate regularly. The point is to commit to bi-weekly updates about your services or products.  If your company runs events, we would include them in this category.

Content idea #5: Client and Prospect Messages

These monthly messages are similar to updates except they have an extended promotional channel (your email lists).  Post to these content streams and a professionally created email is delivered.  You might be surprised by how valuable a monthly email is to your clients thanking them for their business and asking for referrals or up-sales.

Scheduling makes the whole process manageable.  If the planning, documentation and infrastructure is correct, this should save your company time as you stay in touch with your clients and prospects on a regular basis, and feed your social media channels and the all important search engines.   Updates you post on the fly become the gravy, not the potatoes (without which your system starves).  Most of our clients use our initial schedules to get started and add to it as they start to see successes.

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