Rethinking your E-commerce Strategy

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The common failure most companies make when entering the online sales world is to think they can pull descriptions off of their manufacturer’s site, dump the products online and the cash stream will begin to flow. No one likes to hear it, but to effectively sell online someone has to take time to focus on each product in the store.

Some considerations:

  1. Keyword-rich descriptions focused on eliminating the visitors’ concerns surrounding the sale.
  2. Tag content appropriately based on your target market, categories and keywords. This makes it easier to connect it with future marketing efforts.
  3. Appropriate linking from site’s content to similar products.
  4. Photography or video that sells.
  5. Basic info: price, weight and size, product options, location in store, categories, etc.

Once you understand the power of these WordPress sites, the seemingly daunting task of going through your huge inventory is actually a blessing.   It answers that question: “What will I write about?”

Oh, and add to the list above: A written or video product review . Schedule their frequency (once a week for example) and you will have a huge piece of your editorial calendar schedule for the year.

Not only will you benefit from using date-driven content (capable of being fed to your email lists and social networking sites), at the end of the year you will have 52 products in your store that are optimized to sell.  Oh and don’t forget you will also have the tracking to measure how well these products do against your others so that you may adjust your tactics if necessary.

If you are wondering how to prioritize your products, here are two things to consider: profit margin and the number of product views in your online store (I am sure Jason over at Checkerboard can help you with this).

My team proofs and writes lots of content for these sites.  Trust me. You will love the pending review function in your site.

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