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If you work for a mid- to large-size company, chances are you have a wealth of communication pieces. It’s essential that you don’t miss any opportunity to share this valuable messaging with others.

With advances in technology, it’s easy to share your written content through links, re-tweets and social networking profiles. But what about the graph or flowchart that made it to page 35 of your annual report and stopped there?

Consider hosting your visuals on, a new platform for exploring, sharing and promoting infographics. Infographics allow viewers to quickly absorb key details of data due to their eye-catching, visually compelling formats. Billed as a mix of design, journalism and data analysis, infographics provide comprehensive storytelling in one little package.

Consumers still trust the old adage, “a picture is worth a thousand words”, which is why it’s important to present your messaging in varied formats. Infographics pair an attention-grabbing image with figures, bullet points, graphs and other symbols to guide viewers through the data. For example, a coffee cup is merely a hot beverage until the image is layered with a map charting bean-growing regions and a bar graph tracking imports and exports. These visuals tell the story of coffee’s impact on the global economy.

There are two ways can improve your content stream:

1)  Spread visuals to demonstrate your expertise. Position your company as a thought leader. By posting infographics to you disseminate your message and let others share your work for you. Be noticed for your message, design skill and influence.

2)  Find visuals to enrich your content. If you want to add a visual to your blog post you can browse the galleries on for infographics to place in your own content. Can’t find what you’re looking for? Checkerboard can turn your data into a visual featuring all the right details.

Each infographic you share or take should demonstrate your company’s ability to produce quality content and be on point. With consistent written and visual brand messaging, you’ll cut through the information clutter. Launched in May 2011, now contains nearly 2,000 infographics in well-organized galleries searchable by category and ranking.

Infographics will help you tell the whole story and drive home the points most important for your customers. can help deliver the message.

According to this introductory YouTube video, imagines the future as “an immersive world of interactive visualization”:

If you need guidance while entering this brave new world, let us know how we can help. We have the design capabilities you need and a proven system of online promotion.


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