Picking Good Page Titles For Google

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Through our research Twitter account @checkerboardweb, I found this interesting tidbit over at Search Engine Roundtable.  It talks about how Google selects your page title to display in results and gives a great resource to help with writing for SEO.

Yesterday, Google wrote a blog post named Better page titles in search results. Here, Pierre Far, explains why Google may pick a different title tag.

In a Google+ post he gives the short version:

  • Our algorithms generate thee alternative titles so that your page is no longer constrained with having just the one title for all the different queries your page ranks for. This has the nice side effect of making the result look more relevant to our searchers and…
  • On average, the alternative titles increase the clickthrough rate on the results, i.e. more traffic for you.
  • The tag is still a primary source for titles we show so all our advice about make them concise and useful and enticing still very much apply. Keep an eye on the HTML Suggestions page in the Diagnostics section in Webmaster Tools for title suggestions.


From Barry Schwartz at Search Engine Roundtable.  Read the full article.

He also links to a  Google Help document with a wealth of SEO information to help you with adding content to your site which more effectively targets the search engines.

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