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Great for small companies, Google Voice is the perfect transition tool for businesses not yet using a call center. With cutting-edge features that have the ability to turn a single number into a virtual controller for all your phones, Google Voice is the way to go if you’re looking to bridge the gap between your cell phone and  your business phone and we have been using it a lot with our contractor customers.

Google Voice is simple. Once you have a Google number, it can be set up to ring to whichever phones you need it to. Whether your cell, work, or home phone, your Google Voice number can be customized to go to any phone line or multiple phone lines.  With more elaborate voicemail options than regular phone services, Google Voice is capable of turning an ordinary cell phone or business phone into a professional-level call system.

The attributes that Google Voice offers over normal phone services make increasing your communication efficiency easier than ever. With Google Voice, your voicemail is automatically duplicated as e-mails and text messages, so you have the option of reading your voicemails versus listening to them, a feature that sure comes in handy when on-the-go. Additional voicemail options, such as the “ListenIn” feature, allow you to hear messages as they are being recorded before taking the call. Even better, the “Do not disturb” option enables you to send some callers directly to voicemail when you are too busy to take calls.  (We of course discourage this.)

Another feature about Google Voice that makes it so innovative is its ability to track which calls come from your website. If your company website only lists your Google number, it is easy to track how many calls were generated from those visiting your website.

If your company is expanding but still not in need of a full call center, consider Google Voice.  It’s an ideal upgrade if you’re growing out of your cell phone.  We can help integrate it with your new Web site.

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