I’d Buy That For a Dollar

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A couple of days ago I got an email update for a Kickstarter project I helped fund. They are building a Robocop statue to be placed in Detroit. Kind of like the Rocky statue in Philadelphia. Except in Detroit. And its Robocop. And I can say that I helped get it built.

If you’re not familiar with Kickstarter, it is a website where people who want to build a product or service, but do not have enough funds, can solicit donations from others to get it done. Kickstarter has been around for a little while, but has become more popular in recent years with some higher-profile projects like the e-paper based Pebble watch, the party card game Cards Against Humanity, and a movie for the critically-acclaimed tv show “Veronica Mars”.

Now, you may not have an interest in this particular project, but there is some other topic that does interest you. And, there is a very good chance that there is an online community – or “tribe” – of some kind built around this topic. In fact, you may have a product or service that you would like to have a community develop around – which can lead to an active and engaged customer base. That is the power of the internet – to reach and foster connections among like-minded people around a topic, or a product, or service. Kickstarter is just one example of this. Websites, discussion groups, and social media in general are all ways that creators of products, services, and ideas find and speak to their target markets. Sometimes, these target markets are niche (like those interested in seeing a Robocop statue built in Detroit), and sometimes they are broader (like perhaps those who could benefit from a joint supplement or those looking for a local tree-trimming service).

This is essentially what Checkerboard has been helping clients do for the past 15 years. We build websites with strategically-crafted messaging, launch supporting social media channels that help spread these messages, and teach our clients to add and build on this messaging in ways that speak directly to their target markets through these channels. Let us know how we can help you develop a “tribe” around your product or service.

(Image via Kickstarter.)

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