How to get people on board with your Internet marketing campaign

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You need to provide compelling reasons for customers to opt in to your email lists. People who make the choice to listen to your message or read your content will be most receptive. When bombarded with messages every day, consumers become selective about the content they want to receive.

Thoughtfully pursuing the people most enthusiastic about your company will do more for your success than sending out e-newsletters to mass quantities of disinterested individuals. Here are some tips to attract and retain customers to your mailing lists:

Attracting new recruits

  • Sign-up requests work better after interesting content. Share something amazing! And tease further content that people must sign up to see.
  • Embed the sign-up message in your social media content. A “Want more tips?” link that sends someone back to the sign-up page intrigues better than the predictable “Sign up here”.
  • Take advantage of current users to gain new followers. A challenge like “Share this with your friends, they will think you are smart” can attract people to disseminate your content to new, interested users.
  • Hook new sign ups with value offers such as coupons, discounts to events, free online content, etc.
  • Place the sign-up box prominently on your website. Above all, make signing up easy and clear.


Improving current customer relationships

  • Communicate with your audience, not at them. Find out what your customers want and provide them with it.
  • Engage your customers and ask what they’d like to see from the company. Then, take the time to respond to their feedback, individually as much as possible.
  • Don’t offer excuses for not connecting with your customers. Be available to them. Email can be done from anywhere.


Rewarding loyalty

  • Be personable. Provide individual feedback to those who contact you or mention the company.
  • Give customers a first look at new products and promos. Allow them to start shopping early during sales.
  • Randomly reward a current member of your mailing list with additional incentives.


When your customers have chosen to be a part of your marketing campaign, they will tune into the messages and may share content among their own friends and family. If you need help developing the strategy behind your campaign and utilizing the online tools that will reach your customers, ask us how we can help you today.

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