How do I use Google Analytics? – Content

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This is the fourth post in a FAQ series focused on the basics of Google Analytics. In my previous FAQ post, I explained the Traffic Sources section of Google Analytics. Today I’m going to discuss the Content section of Google Analytics.

Q: How do I use Google Analytics? – Content

A: Content

On the content overview page, the graph represents page views rather than visits, so you’ll notice the numbers used should be a lot larger than on the visits graph. One thing you’ll notice here is that both page views and unique page views are both shown. The difference is that a page view is recorded every time a page is loaded, whereas a unique page view is only logged once per browsing session.

At the bottom of the overview page you’ll see options to review your site content by page or page title, to view your site search stats (if you’re using Google Site Search), and to view your events.

Other reports included in the content section include your more in-depth information about your pages viewed, as well as landing and exit pages. Pay close attention to the exit pages, as these can provide clues as to where in your sales funnel visitors are getting hung up. Landing pages can also be important, as you want to make sure that necessary information is included on the pages your visitors are actually viewing.

It’s a good idea to check your site speed report occasionally to make sure there aren’t any pages that are incredibly slow to load. Slow pages can deter visitors, and can interrupt your conversion process. Be sure to check the page speed of any of your main exit pages, too, as slow loading times could be one reason people are abandoning your site.

The other reports here are a bit more advanced, but if you use Google Site Search or you’ve programmed Events into your site’s code, you’ll be able to monitor those things here.

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