How do I add a video to my post?

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Instead of sending visitors from your website to your video sharing site, how about embedding the videos right into your WordPress post? Here are the step-by-step instructions on how to do this.

Q: How do I add a video to my WordPress post?

A: WordPress makes it easy to add video from the major video sharing sites to your post. Here’s how to embed video from YouTube, which is the video sharing site used most often with our MarketSmart Sites. We will assume you are on YouTube and viewing the video you would like to embed into your blog post.

  1. Select the “Embed” button for the video you want to embed. This will reveal the embed options.
  2. You can configure how the embedded video will appear in your blog post: a. Select any of the first two check boxes to “Include related videos” or “Enable privacy-enhanced mode”. The first one is the only one you really have to worry about, and you can check this (or leave it checked) if you would like to display related videos when the video is done playing.b. Select a color scheme to match your site. The gray and white scheme (furthest to the left) will be the safest and will probably work with any site.c. Select a size. You can either pick from the pre-defined sizes given, or enter a custom width and height. It is suggested that you select a size from the pre-defined sizes that is the widest that will fit in blog post body, which will vary from site to site.
  3. While the embed options are still open, highlight and copy the code in the first window.
  4. In WordPress, you should be editing a post and ready to place the video embed code. Select the “HTML” tab from the right side of the editor. Paste the copied embed code into the editor window.
  5. Select the “Visual” tab from the right side of the editor. You should now see a yellow box as shown below.
  6. You can now preview the post to make sure the video is showing up correctly. If it needs to be adjusted, you can delete the embedded code from the post, go back to YouTube, adjust the settings, and paste the new embed code into the post.

Note: YouTube uses iFrames to embed videos, but you may find that this does not work. In that case, you can try reverting back to using the <object> tag in the embed code from YouTube. To enable this, go back to the YouTube video and select the fourth check box under the video titled “Use old embed code”. This will change the code to use an <object> tag.

Copy this code and place into your blog post HTML view.

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