Five ways to activate your social media program

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I share the same problems with  many business owners.  Life is short. When do I have time for social media?  Our approach is always to integrate your content marketing into your current processes.  Here are five tips to make the most of your time.

1. Hire Experts

You will find online marketing is a lot easier with a solid foundation.  Make sure your blogging platform and social media channels is built and connected properly AND get your online planning and documentation in place.  I suggest working with companies with access to writers, editors, designers, publicists and technical.  Check out our Newsroom

2. Use More of Your Team

Every business I talk with has people who enjoy working in social media channels.  With the right approval processes and good documentation, these people can be of great assistance in growing your program and bring a nice mix into your content stream.

3. Use Automation Tools

It is a lot easier to develop, approve and schedule 100 tweets in one day, than to come up with something cool to say every day.  Social media messages that are off the cuff, can be the gravy on your program, but shouldn’t be the “meat and potatoes”.

4. Keep Schedule and Staff Assignments

What I have found is that if its not on the schedule it doesn’t get done.  If your content schedule has to write up reviews of new projects released, tie that into your project processes.  Block time on your calendar and/or daily staff assignments to keep the content flowing.  You should have staff assigned to respond to any mentions, comments or leads from your program as they come in.

5. Develop a Content Schedule

Most of my clients understand the technology after some quick training, but stumble on what to say.  Developing a content schedule (similar to the old TV Guides) will really make this process easier.  It also assures that some of your posts contain the SEO pieces Google requires to connect you with potential customers at a time when they are ready to buy.  Look for ways to turn 1-to-1 conversations in to 1-to-many content pieces.


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