Facebook unveils major changes to its “like” button

by | Mar 10, 2011 | At Checkerboard, Integrated Marketing, Social Media | 0 comments

Maybe you’ve noticed lately that what happens when you “like” a link looks eerily similar now to what happens when you “share” a link. This is because Facebook recently unveiled some updates to its “like” button.

Now, when you “like” a link, instead of “Natalie likes this link, this other link and that link” showing up on your wall and news feed, Facebook provides a title, thumbnail and blurb of the story as well. “Like” actions are no longer grouped together, but separated and expanded on, providing a more visual way for fans to tell their friends about what they “like”.

You’re probably thinking, “So what’s the difference between “liking” a link and “sharing” a link now?” The answer is “not a whole lot.”

“Liking” something is now the easier way of doing things: All your fans have to do is hit the “like” button on your link and the expanded information automatically publishes. If they hit “share” a pop-up dialog box will appear, where they can type in a description to go with your link, and then they hit “share” again to publish. Pretty much the only difference is that your fans save their index fingers one less click if they hit “like” versus “share”.

This update is Facebook’s way of promoting content and making it more visible across the platform. It should only help your business’ Facebook Page and hurt it in no way. Facebook knows this change will help the best content rise to the top: If more people “like” your content, more people are going to see it.

The Checkerboard team is dedicated to keeping our clients up to date with what’s happening in the social media world, so if you find something bewildering just let us know! We do our best to answer all non time-sensitive questions in this blog.

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