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Database marketing is an incredible tool that can help any business reach its goals! Read about how this client plans to increase her Mailchimp list size to reach more of her customers.

Q: We are looking for ways to increase the number of contacts in our Mailchimp list. We have a list of about 250 email addresses in a separate database. Can we upload those email addresses directly into Mailchimp?

A: Technically, yes you can add email addresses directly into Mailchimp. However, it’s important to note that this route contains some risk. When you send a campaign through Mailchimp, if more than 0.1% of the recipients choose to mark it as Spam or 1% unsubscribe, MailChimp will flag and could freeze your account. With a list of all-new recipients, it’s likely that this could occur.

Instead, we recommend that you use a separate email account to send out a message to that list of 250 people. In the email, you can ask the customers to click on a link that brings them to a form in MailChimp where they can opt-in to the mailing list. This route ensures that only those who want to join the mailing list are on it, which results in a mailing list that will not be flagged in the future.

Click here to see an example of this form and sign up for Checkerboard news and information. We’d love to help you create a form just like this one for your database marketing campaign! If you’d like to learn more about how database marketing can increase your business or how to set up a sign-up form, call us at (612) 283-4846!