Blogging to an empty room may not be as bad as you think

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Last week at my Developing a Social Media Plan class, a client asked about why companies should blog if it’s only to a meager audience. Just because your blog doesn’t have a ton of readers doesn’t necessarily mean that it’s an epic fail. Here’s why:

First and foremost, if you’re new to blogging don’t expect to have 10,000 followers right off the bat. That’s not realistic, and to be honest, it’s actually a good thing to start slow. Getting the hang of writing blog content for marketing can be tricky, so take advantage of the lack of visitors your new blog has and look at it as great practice time. You’re probably not going to start out writing truly compelling content right away, so having a sparse amount of followers while you work out the kinks isn’t a bad thing. Let your blog grow with you.

Blogging also increases your SEO (search engine optimization). If you’re regularly posting content, search engines pick up on that. Even if your post hasn’t had a single visitor, Google prefers blogs with timely content.

Your blog posts can be repurposed as well. That’s the cool thing about social media: your content has legs and will run as far as you let it. Your blogs posts can be linked to your Facebook page, condensed down into Tweets, used in your sales literature, posted on your website as FAQs, sent out directly to clients, etc. You get the picture.

We often employ editorial, technical and marketing recommendations for our clients’ postings to help them get the most out of their content and learn the posting process.

Support in my industry can be off and on. I want my customers to feel like they have a room full of marketers, editors, designers and developers (all trained in their online marketing tool set) at their beck and call, and they only have to pay them when they use them! We have clearly defined service level agreements available.  Contact me if you’re interested.

Of course, we always try to answer non time-sensitive questions for our clients on this blog. Here is a good example of this process in motion: This article is in response to a question we received on Passing the Email Spam Scans.

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