10 ways to get your brand fan base started

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Whether your fan base is just starting out, has been steadily growing for years, or is facing a lull in growth, these tips will get your fan base active and growing again. When it comes to social media brand supporters, make sure you focus on the quality of the people and not just the quantity. Thousands of fans may make you look popular but if most of them aren’t interested in your brand, aren’t buying your product, or are comment robots, you may as well be tweeting to an empty room.  Here are 10 things you should do to get your fan base started.

  1. Tell your friends and family to join your social media channel. They are supportive advocates of you and will be positive, active fans.
  2. Tell your co-workers, staff or partner companies to join. This will add to the list of invested fans who want to see you succeed.
  3. Email your past clients, tell them you value their patronage and ask them to join. Your best customers should be happy to stay up-to-date on your company and leave positive comments or testimonials.
  4. Let your current clients and prospective clients know about your Facebook or Twitter when you meet with them. Seeing your other fan involvement may seal that sale for you.
  5. Add your Facebook and Twitter web addresses to business cards, receipts, newsletter templates, email signature block, printed materials and document/email footers for easy access and reminders to your social channels.
  6. Make your your Web site template and email newsletter templates contain links to your social media channels as well.
  7. Engage your fans with statuses, tweets, questions, contests, rewards, comments, responses and good content. Participation in your brand will keep people interested in your product.
  8. Keep your sites relevant. Do you have the new Facebook Timeline? Does your Twitter page look designed? Are your tweets utilizing hashtags and popular trends?
  9. Offer rewards for your most active fans. Have a monthly Top Fan or offer a gift card contest when people get five friends to join. Fans can use the Facebook “Suggest to Friends” option for easy sharing.
  10. Respond, interact, tag fans in photos or statuses, and be gracious to those who do comment. Reply to customer praise or inquiries immediately and your fans will learn that your #1 goal is to keep them happy.
Remember Social Media is a tool for transmitting “word of mouth”.  Get your best contacts involved then post valuable content to entice them to share with their customers.  Let us know how we can help!  (612) 283-4846.

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