Please bail us out. It’s for a good cause.

by | Oct 21, 2015 | Agency News | 0 comments

I seem to have gotten myself into a bit of a predicament. I need to ask you for some bail money.

On Thursday, October 22, Project Manager Alison Cromie and I will be locked up until we raise $2,000 for the Muscular Dystrophy Association (MDA). We’re participating in the 2015 South East Metro Lock Up to send a child to MDA summer camp.

MDA summer camp enables children diagnosed with neuromuscular disease to have a wonderful experience without barriers. They can take part in art activities, play sports, and build relationships with staff and other campers. They can enjoy just being a kid. At MDA summer camp, every activity is accessible for children of all abilities.

As a parent of two children, I know how important it is for kids to enjoy outdoor fun and adventure. I want every child to have the chance to laugh and play at camp.

Please consider donating so another child can go to camp. We’re grateful to have this opportunity to contribute to the MDA and tell more people about the organization’s good work.

On a more selfish note, think about me and Alison. We’ll be stuck in the clink until someone gets us out.

To give, please visit the MDA Lock-up website. Thank you for your help. There are only two days remaining to donate!

Thank you!


Jason Kocina
Checkerboard Internet Services, Inc.

PS. I hope you are having a great fourth quarter. Let me know if we can assist you in any way. Our number is 952-697-5211.



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