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When you know what your web visitors are seeking, you can tailor your site to their needs. Google Analytics gives you insights about your web visitors, how they found your website, and what they do there. At Checkerboard, we use industry-standard tools such as Google Analytics to help our clients understand and achieve their social media marketing goals.

Google Analytics offers an incredible variety of reports and metrics that will help you understand which social media platforms help you achieve your goals and which ones do not. You will be able to use this data for better planning, such as where to spend your budget.

Here are some essentials that can help you learn more about your social media network and how it helps – or hurts  – your business. Our website property managers can help you interpret and capitalize on this valuable information.

  • The network referrals report shows you which social media platforms are driving more traffic to your site. It also helps you analyze the engagement visitors from different platforms have with your site.
  • The conversions report shows how your social media strategy is impacting your conversion rates. This will be useful in determining if a social media platform that may not drive as many users is actually bringing you more money than one that sends more traffic.
  • The user flow report shows how people from different social media platforms navigate through your website and what they look for when they go to your site. Facebook users may be interested in something completely different than Pinterest users!

Even though the sheer number of Google Analytics reports and metrics can be imposing at first, it’s a user-friendly tool. Google Analytics gives you detailed data about your web traffic to help you make informed action plans.
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