WordPress Media Library simplifies handling images on your site

WordPress makes repurposing your images for future use pretty easy. Its Media Library allows you to group and name all the images contained on your site within the WordPress Media Library framework. The most important thing to remember when using this feature is to fill in both the “Title” and “Alternate Text” fields every time you add a new image. This does a couple different things:

  • It makes it easier for search engines to find your images. That way, if anyone does an image search, your site is more likely to pop up if you have something that meets their search criteria.
  • It makes it easier for you to find your images. While WordPress Media Gallery stores images per post, WordPress Media Library stores all of them from all posts. Correctly naming them makes your images easily accessible for future posts.

It’s pretty simple to use, but I’m more than happy to answer any questions if it still seems unfamiliar.

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  1. Great post again, Jason. I thought I heard once that from an SEO standpoint it is helpful to separate all the words in a multiple word image title by hyphens. Such as, “St-Paul-Chiropractor”. Is that true for WordPress as well or is that not true at all? Thanks

    • Yes, but WordPress right out of the box is not set-up that way. Part of our SEO checklist before a site launches is to adjust the permalink structure. I prefer “/category/Post-Title/”, but you can see this page is based upon date and post title which works too. Also be sure to link to past postings. The content of the page you are linking from and the link text help define for Google what the content is about and hence helps to increase the rankings. It also allows interested readers to dig deeper into your content. Take care.

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