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Campaign Goals:

  • Increase Leads and Organic Traffic
  • Create a professional design that emphasizes customer service
Sebold Heating and Cooling, a small HVAC contractor in Chaska, Minnesota, was looking for an SEO touch-up after building their new WordPress site. The first step was to create a website that looked great, could be easily updated, and helped him get found. Afterwards, the site needed to be optimized for local searches.

Here's how we helped them out

WordPress Development

We developed a WordPress site that is unique to the company, easy to navigate, and easy to customize. After developing a site structure complete with a positive user experience and high performing back-end, we taught Sebold how to make simple changes and post regular updates. Now Sebold has a professionally developed site that they can change themselves when needed.

Responsive Web Design

Like the rest of our best in market builds, we made sure our web design looked great on every device and screen resolution. This allows people to effectively use the site regardless of whether they're viewing the site on a smartphone, tablet, or computer. The modern, responsive framework with help the site's longevity and increase leads.

Search Engine Optimization

SEO best practices were kept in mind during the initial site build, and expanded upon in a short brush-up later. We utilized a variety of techniques to create a site that would rank high in search engines, particularly within his immediate area. This allows potential customers to easily find the Sebold website via Google without the use of ads.

Ranking Increase

Sebold saw quick and continuous increases in their local rankings. A few months later, they rank #1 for over 25 keyword combinations when searched from Chaska. Of the 30 keywords we tracked from the beginning of the site build, they rank in the top 10 for every one.
The left-most column shows the ranking in Chaska prior to optimization. The right-most column shows the most recent ranking. Blue boxes indicate the keyword is in the top 3 spots, while green indicates a first page ranking.

Notable Rankings

Rankings refer to organic search position in Chaska, MN. Positions as of May 2019.

AC Repair

Heating Repair

Furnace Repair

HVAC Services

Air Conditioning Installation

Air Conditioning Repair

Heating Contractors


The Results

The new Sebold Heating & Cooling website certainly looks better than before, and it includes a straightforward sales funnel that makes it easy for customers to get in contact. The SEO brush up worked incredibly well, helping Sebold be #1 for almost every keyword we targeted in their local area. The site saw an increase in traffic, and a large increase in leads. Not only does the design look great, it is an effective marketing tool that will last for a long time due to the responsive design.

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