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Campaign Goals:

  • Increase local search traffic and generate more leads
  • Create a modern site design that fits their style
  • Improve conversion rate and site structure
Elite Insight, a dedicated and highly effective private detective agency in St. Paul, approached us about designing a new website that was optimized for local search. They wanted to be able to be found locally and stand out against their competition. Elite Insight want the site to be professional, responsive, and able to rank in search engines.

Here's how we helped them out

WordPress Development

We developed a WordPress site which is unique to them, runs fast, and is easy to edit if they want to make small changes. We began by taking note of what they liked an disliked about their old site, and incorporated desired changes alongside the unchanged pieces. We created a site structure with a clear call to action to improve conversion rate and improve user experience.

Search Engine Optimization

From start to finish we kept SEO best-practices in mind to help local search ranking. We began with a comprehensive competitive analysis to find which keywords people are using to find his services. We used this research to optimize site structure and content for particular phrases. This has helped Elite Insight reach more people in the area looking for private investigators.

Responsive Web Design

Like all our other WordPress builds, we created a design that automatically responds to the size of the screen. This allows for a controlled marketing funnel and a beautiful design regardless of whether they're viewing on a smartphone, tablet, or computer. We tested our design on over a dozen screen sizes to ensure users have a positive experience and are able to browse the site efficiently.

The Results

The strong call-to-action that we introduced throughout the site makes it easy for people to schedule a free consultation, while the optimized content allows people to find the site using a wide variety of relevant keywords. The new and improved Elite Insight website has quickly increased its search traffic and increased the number of leads. With a striking and professional design, Elite Insight has a website that fits well in the style of the industry and will last them for many years.

Before & After



Traffic Growth

The previous site had not been ranking in Google for a variety of reasons. After releasing the new site we connected it with Google, and it saw a drastic increase in traffic right away. After months of reaching less than 20 unique users, the new site reached 600 monthly users in only 3 months.
Before the new site launch, the only keyword Elite Insight had ranked for was their name. After less than a year, they had seen a large increase in a variety of relevant keywords. This helps them get found for all of their services and locations. Not only have they been indexed, but they’re ranking high enough to convert off those keywords.

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