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Portfolio: Clemit

Campaign Goals:

  • Create a recognizable brand
  • Build a website that showcases their products
  • Provide a marketing plan
Clemit came to us with only a product and a vague business plan. We provided them with everything else they needed to become a successful company, including a powerful brand that people will recognize, a website the showcases the product, and a marketing plan to back it up.

Bringing a brand into focus

The folks at Clemit approached our sister company, Media Relations, about arranging publicity for their ingenious new product: a personalized rifle scope lens customized with the shooter’s optics prescription. But we soon discovered that Clemit’s product development process was still in its early stages. So Media Relations and Checkerboard began collaborating on how we could help Clemit bring this product to market. We set our sights on a successful product launch by putting the company’s marketing in our cross hairs.

Here's how we helped them out

Brand Creation

Our creative team first helped with naming the product, now called ScopeAid, and the lens' names.

Logo Design

Clemit needed a logo that was both elegant and strong, but still approachable.

Product Photography

Arranging for outstanding product photography was a must, especially because ScopeAid's focus is on clarity. These images helped sell the product.

Packaging Design

The product was going into stores, so we needed a design that showed the product and what it does.

Interactive Website Design

The user-friendly website we designed and developed is as unique as the product itself. There are interactive elements and images to illustrate how ScopeAid will improve the shooter's vision.

Customized Webstore

To make the ordering process extremely simple, customers enter their eyeglass prescription directly on to the web page.

Logo Design

The name Clemit was a bit of a mystery. The inventors of the ScopeAid needed a company name so they collectively came up with the name Clemit. Our goal in designing Clemit’s logo was to make it adaptable to their expanding product line, as the inventors planned to develop other outdoor products.

These were our initial designs. Some were more related to shooting and outdoors, while others represented Clemit’s professionalism.

After deliberation with the client, we agreed that the logo with the mountain shape worked the best for the versatility of their expanding product lineup.

The finished logo. We added the shine finish to mimic the shine of Clemit’s lenses.

Product Photography

We knew that showing customers what the product could do was a major challenge. We snapped beautiful photos that illustrated the product’s use to help customers gain familiarity and increase product desire. The engineering used to make the lenses was sophisticated, so we captured photos that reflected that level of sophistication. Our photography needed to show the uniqueness of Clemit’s lenses.

Packaging Design

Clemit intended to place their products on major retailers’ store shelves next to gun scopes. Clemit decided to use clamshell packaging so they could hang their scopes on shelving rods.

We needed to show customers that these were different lenses at a glance, because they all have a very similar shape and size. To remedy this, we came up with a color scheme for each product based on the colors of the lenses, and that each lens's color would be prominent on the package.

Above is the package’s front. It tells you which lens is in the package, as well as what the ScopeAid does. The white background behind the ScopeAid ensured that people looking at the lens in the package could see its specific color

On the back, we described what all ScopeAids do as well as the particular lens color’s use.

The product would look great on the shelves, and it’s easy to see which lens is in the package. Putting all of these together on a shelf would be a colorful display sure to draw the eye of those browsing rifle scopes.

Interactive Website Design

When launching a new product that doesn't have many competitors, it's imperative to show potential customers what the product actually does and why they should get it. On top of that, it all has to leave a great impression so that users can call the product to mind easily. Through some interactive design on the site, we were able to address both of these challenges.

This was our solution to showing the product's capabilities. With a click of a button, we clearly emulate ScopeAid's purpose and demonstrate value.

We included subtle interactive elements on the site to excite the user and show them only pertinent information.

Customized Webstore

Many people shopping for this item would be older (presbyopia generally only effects that demographic) , so we wanted to ensure the ordering process for the product was simple, informative, and quick. We did this by building a custom form that would dynamically populate inputs based on the users' selections. This ensured that users were only shown fields that pertained to their purchasing interest.

The Results

With the website now complete, Media Relations is launching Clemit’s media campaign. The partners at Clemit came to us with little more than a product prototype and a dream to help people with aging eyes improve their shooting accuracy. Today, they can take pride in their professionally designed logo and product packaging, as well as their interactive website (to which Media Relations will now be directing reporters and potential customers). We envision that ScopeAid will one day become standard equipment for all shooting enthusiasts who need corrective lenses.


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