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Case Study:Pahl's Market

Campaign Goals:

  • Increase in-store traffic & sales
  • Increase CSA sales
Pahl's Market is a gardening center located in Apple Valley, Minnesota. They came to us with two main goals: to drive more customers into their store, and to increase the sales of their Community Supported Agriculture program. Checkerboard teamed with Pahl's to set up an effective integrated marketing platform which they have been able to execute beautifully. First let's look at some numbers: the results of our efforts.

Email Marketing

We established a consistent email newsletter contact list and grew it by more than three times.


CSA Email Open Rate


Monthly NEwsletter Open Rate

Public Relations

We harnessed the local media to deliver Pahl’s message to the greater Twin Cities area.



Search Engine Optimization

We made technical and creative adjustments to the Pahl’s Market website so search engines such as Google, Yahoo and Bing can more easily find it.


Increase in MN Traffic

Localized Content

Pahl’s expanded to 33 pick-up locations throughout the Twin Cities for their CSA program and we made sure those areas were found.

Plant Library

To expand the network of keywords on the Pahl’s Market website, we built the plant library which now houses more than 1,500 varieties of plants. This library can be managed by their own team. Additionally, we increased search and filter options to increase the usability.

Consistent Content Stream

We worked with Pahl’s internal management team to devise a program to provide a consistent content stream to their ever-growing network.

Digital Advertising

We worked multiple angles to drive sales on the Pahl's Market website. Over the course of the six-month campaign, we ran hundreds of combinations of ad copy target markets and imagery; constantly prioritizing the budget to the best-performing combinations.

Targeted Promotions

We leveraged their current networks by targeting their Facebook followers and their friends within the geographical proximity of their CSA pickup locations.

Social Reach

We boosted the reach of the content they were posting to a target market which is already conntected in their network. This greatly increased the audience.

Keyword Advertising

We aimed to own all of the top positions for people searching for CSA programs and gardening centers in the areas they served.


Visits to their site that didn't make a purchase recieved special messages in their feed promoting their programs.

Social Content Strategy

A balance of community interaction and entertaining content with promotional offers populate the social media channels of Pahl’s Market. Our program enabled Pahl's internal team to provide the day-to-day authentic content, while our team developed the promotional content and connected it with the Pahl's Market

90% Authentic

10% Promotional

Here's a breakdown of Pahl's posts



New connections



Interaction with their content across 36.2K unique users.


Content Reach

Pahl's content was presented to millions of their targeted customers.

The Results

Pahl's network continues to grow and bear fruit. It is important for marketing programs that sell farm-fresh product for an entire year to meet their mark (not sell too much, not sell too little). We have consistently met Pahl’s annual sales goals for the last three years. The site continues to expand their network size of current and prospective customers through old and new communication channels.

+6,053 from last year 2x the increase from last year.
+3,062 from last year. Focused advertising rose likes 7,281 in 2014
CSA Sales
3.5x sales from last year 70% over goal
Social Traffic
+758% from last year.
MN Web Visits
+70% from last year.
3.9 mil
Social Reach
30% Increase from last year.

“The work completed by Checkerboard was amazing. We are impressed with their level of service and commitment to helping us achieve our goals.”

Jason HimmelwrightNursery/Landscape Manager


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