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Increase engagement and comprehension of product/solution offerings and product study results using whiteboard explainer videos

Cargill came to us looking for ways to better communicate new product/solution offerings and product study results for use both internally by their sales staff and through various B2B and B2C channels. We suggested whiteboard explainer videos as a way to do this, given their ability to convey detailed or abstract concepts in easily-digestible and entertaining ways.


The first – and some would say most important – step of an effective explainer video is the script. In addition to outlining the content of the video, the script establishes the tone/voice/personality and the length of the video. We brought in the talented writing staff from our parent company Media Relations Agency to work with Cargill to lead the writing of the scripts so that they delivered the right information in the right way.

Outline and Sketches

The power of explainer videos takes shape in the next step, where a “visual outline” is created to accompany the script. Each video script was broken into sequences and the right visuals were sought to communicate each concept. At this point the visuals are just broad ideas and open to change as things were fine-tuned.

Using the visual outlines as a guide, we fleshed-out the final sketches that were to accompany each sequence of the scripts.


A storyboard is a more detailed version of the visual outline, as it contains sketches of the actual graphics that will appear in the video. The sketches were scanned and composited in Photoshop, and full storyboard documents were created.

After storyboarding, the composited sketches from the storyboards were brought into iPad-based scribing software and used as guide images to create the actual video illustrations. This software not only captures the final illustration, it also records the illustration process, which is used to create the “drawing” effect of the explainer video.

Animation and Video Production

We collaborated with the client to find the right background music and voice artist to match the tone and personality that was established in the initial stages of each video’s creation. The final background music, narration, and illustration sequences were then combined to create each final explainer video.


The client was very happy with the whiteboard explainer videos and have received positive feedback.

“Checkerboard did an excellent job summarizing the complex results of a clinical study in a simplified, visually compelling manner! The end product was very well received both internally and externally and will serve as a great sales tool.”

Pam StaufferMarketing Programs Manager at Cargill

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