Why the Divi theme has a future in web design

by | Apr 27, 2017 | At Checkerboard, Web Development | 1 comment

About a year ago, a client came to us for a web build and requested the Divi Theme from Elegant Themes. Our standard was the Canvas theme, unless our clients needed or wanted something specific such as this. So, without experience with it, we moved forward with the Divi theme. Boy, were we surprised!   

As a designer, I’m always hesitant to use Visual Builders because they tend to box you in. They can also be buggy, slow me down, require a lot of page refreshes and provide little in the way of creativity. Yes, someone without design or development experience can use them to make well laid-out pages, but when you’re experienced and doing this every day, you don’t need those tools to create eye-catching designs.

We dove head first into Divi and discovered that this Visual Builder is different! Not only could we apply all the styles we wanted, but we could also custom develop right alongside, and inside, the builder. Divi’s visual page builder enables us to see what we are designing in real time. This leads to faster and more creative design decisions. It has awesome features such as the ability to create global elements which enable us to sync certain elements across multiple pages. Instead of being clunky and in the way, Divi provides us with a beautifully made framework that saves time while working without constraints.

Our clients were happy, because we gave them a highly editable theme that is easy to use. And we were happy because it significantly cut our development time. Our entire new website is built on Divi, and so far we have been able to integrate just about any technology and style you could think of. It’s not holding us back.

Are you tired of worrying about whether deleting a single sentence will also remove some code, which then breaks your site? You don’t have to be! Give us a call and we’ll discuss the opportunities that Divi can bring you once our designers get ahold of it.

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