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Groceries. Oil change. Haircut. We all have a to-do list. Are your website updates at the bottom of someone else’s list? Your business moves fast. You don’t have time to wait on someone’s to-do list. Checkerboard teaches our clients how to do many website updates themselves. We don’t ever want our clients to have simple changes languishing on the bottom of a list.

If your site is built using WordPress, updating is easy. This is one reason why Checkerboard uses WordPress exclusively for our site builds. Our clients, all busy professionals, love the flexibility of being able to manage their sites on a day-to-day basis. From their insights and feedback, we’ve found that business owners and marketers appreciate being able to make these specific updates on their own:

1. Core content including product descriptions
Do you have a new product? New pricing? A new employee? Want to invite people to your upcoming event? Your training should start at the WordPress dashboard, from which you can easily access and update text and graphics for every page of your website.

2. Blogs and graphics
If you have a brilliant idea for a blog at 2 a.m., you should be able to get it posted while your creative juices are flowing. Just finished a job and want to share photos? Do it in real time. We’ve found that Checkerboard’s clients are also eager to learn tagging, categorization and SEO strategies so that their posts have maximum impact.

3. Your site’s custom features
If your website has a unique function, such as an events calendar, you should know how to use it. There’s nothing more frustrating than wanting to make a quick change but having to wait for assistance. Make sure you’ve got the basics, and that you are working with an agency that is willing to provide additional training if you still have questions.

Checkerboard has now trained hundreds of people on how to use the WordPress sites we’ve built for their businesses. Most people pick up the basics very quickly, and love the freedom of being able to work at their pace and schedule.

Call Checkerboard today at 952-697-5211 or fill out this form and talk to us about getting a new or updated website. Learn how we can build you a website that you can manage with just a few short lessons. Stay on top of that to-do list.