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Remember the children’s game, telephone? The message starts at one end of a line, is passed from ear to ear, and comes out as a totally different message at the end. That can happen to your marketing if you don’t start with – and maintain – clear messaging in every promotional channel you use. Checkerboard crafts websites that make our clients’ key messages clear to potential buyers. Then we build in ways to easily deliver those messages to customers and prospects through social media, emails and digital advertising.

When Checkerboard builds a website, we spend a lot of time talking with our clients about their products’ key messages. Our goal is to present them, visually as well as verbally, to consumers in ways that positively frame the primary value points. Good web design communicates with web visitors through words, images, color, layout, functionality and other key elements.   

This is called encoding, and it takes into account not only who’s sending the messages, but also the channel and the consumers who will receive them.

The receiver has to decode the message to make sense of it. The receiver’s own beliefs and expectations can affect his or her understanding of your message. When planning marketing communications, it is vital to consider how the audience may decode each message.
Different markets may decode the same message in different ways, just as a 60-year-old consumer may interpret the word ‘vitality’ differently than a 20-something. We take that into account as we build each website.

Nine out of ten American adults use the internet, making your website your most valuable digital marketing tool. A team that understands marketing can create a website that your customers will trust and which makes you look like a modern, thriving brand.

We have the technical and artistic skills to make your site look good. What sets us apart is our marketing skills. We’ll make it easier for your customers to understand your points of differentiation, so they’ll be more inclined to buy your product or service.

Clear communication isn’t child’s play. It takes the right skill set. Start with Checkerboard’s free website review. These reviews are performed by digital marketing experts, not automated scans. We’ll help you create a site that delivers a clear message, attracts more web traffic and drives sales. Call us at at 952-697-5211 or complete our simple form.