Three Questions Your Web Designer Should Be Asking You

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What do you want from your website? More leads? Higher sales? More traffic? They’re questions that are pretty easy to answer. But what does “more leads” mean? That’s often more complicated. Checkerboard works with our clients to quantify their answers to these questions, and create websites customized to meet their specific goals.

Checkerboard starts a web build by assessing what you have now and what you want going forward. That ensures that your web build is designed around your answers. It’s not a one-size-fits-all website. It’s a custom build based on your priorities: leads, sales, traffic and network growth.

But not every web design agency uses these essential parameters. How do you know if your web design agency is building your website based on your specific goals? Here are three questions your website builder should be asking. If they haven’t asked, you might have good reason for concern.

1. What is your baseline? If you want more leads, you need to define what “more” means. Are you currently getting five per month or a thousand per week?

2. What do you want your website to generate? If it’s more network connections, you should be putting up fresh, engaging content regularly. If it’s more leads, there should be a form and contact information on every page. If it’s more traffic, you should be optimizing search engine keywords.

3. How will you measure success? What are the metrics that determine your website goals are being met? And if you aren’t meeting those goals, is there someone who can analyze and fix whatever is getting in the way?

Before your web build even starts, you should be asked to provide measurable insights into your goals. Because Checkerboard asks these questions, our clients get what they need and want. We provide digital marketing elements to support each goal, from analytics and the most trusted digital marketing tools to content and an updated look.

This is serious. Meeting (or missing) your website goals may make or break your business. Call me today at 952-697-5211, fill out this form or email me at We’ll set up a meeting to discuss your specific digital marketing goals and create a customized plan that works for you.

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