Three questions to ask before signing a contract to build a new website

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If you’ve been complacent about your website for the last few years, it may be time to make some changes and upgrades. There are many web design agencies out there, but only a few elite agencies such as Checkerboard that are laser-focused on helping businesses use their websites to reach their specific – and often unique – goals. That’s why we ask a lot of questions as part of our bidding and onboarding processes. We’ll make sure from the outset that we understand your goals for the new site. And we’ll help you clarify, organize and prioritize your ideas. The result will be a website that does exactly what you need it to do.

We also welcome your questions before we even bid a project. To get you started, here are three smart questions to ask before signing a contract to build a new website.

How will my new site reflect my company’s mission and vision? The key to achieving your company’s goals is knowing where you want to go (your vision) and how you want to get there (your mission). Your website’s design, content, functionality and reach should support your vision and mission. This concept is the foundation for every website Checkerboard builds. All web builds should start this way.
What functions will be incorporated into my site that will enable me to reach my specific goals? Today, most of us start our information search on the internet. That makes your website central to your marketing campaign. Because Checkerboard’s designers are marketing experts, we know how to customize your site to fit your specific needs, whether your mission is to build sales or simply provide information. Every aspect of your site, from the page hierarchy and navigation, to ecommerce and search engine optimization, will support your primary business directives and integrate with the rest of your marketing program.
Will I get guidance and support when the web build is over? Even the most robust new website needs expert attention now and then. You may need advice on technology updates or incorporating the latest social media platforms, for example. After we construct a new website for our clients, Checkerboard’s work is just getting started. We train you to use your new site, and we’re researching new technology or tactics we can use to enhance it. It’s your site to maintain, but we’re always a phone call away should you need help.

Just remember: It’s OK to be picky. It’s your website. You should be able to have it the way you want, and you should hold out for a web design agency that can deliver the goods.

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For nearly 20 years, Checkerboard has helped businesses bring structure to their ideas and goals. Before your website build, we’ll sit down with you to understand your company, its vision, your product and your audience. Once that understanding is in place, we use our technical acumen to build your website, ensuring that every aspect from graphics to content is in line with your company vision. And Checkerboard websites are built to adapt, changing to fit your dynamic business needs.

If you’re in the market for a website that can help you achieve your business ambitions, get in touch with us. Call us at (612) 283-4846 or visit us online for a free website review.

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