What you need to know about the Square and WooCommerce integration

by | Aug 19, 2016 | Web Development | 0 comments

I can’t stop smiling lately. Because a new integration between two industry-standard products is about to simplify many of our client’s  lives. Well, at least the accounting part of it. (I’m not much help simplifying your your kids’ massive back-to-school lists.) WooCommerce, the  ecommerce platform that powers loads of online stores, has partnered with Square, the convenient mobile payment solution. This union will enable you to take payments with a single service. That can make it easier to track and manage all of your sales. Here’s what you need to know about the Square and WooCommerce integration: 

1. What benefits will I see when I integrate Square with my WooCommerce store?

You’ll be able to take payments on-the-go as easily as you do on your online store and/or brick and mortar store. Because the payment services will be integrated, you’ll be able to sync inventory as well as product information. So you won’t have to worry about inaccurate stock levels or inconsistent product information. The Square and WooCommerce integration makes it easier to be a 21st century retailer.

2. Is it difficult to manage?

Not at all. This is the easiest point-of-sale solution on the market for WooCommerce. You’ll find it user friendly and priced right, too. Many retailers already utilize these two services. This integration makes their use seamless.

3. Can I make changes to my product descriptions through either platform?

Absolutely. Any change you make in WooCommerce will be automatically synced to your Square for WooCommerce application. So keeping your product images, prices and descriptions consistent is a snap.  Hurray for no longer having to make changes on multiple platforms!

When you make changes in Square, they won’t automatically be synced with WooCommerce — this can be helpful for mobile promotions such as State Fair specials – but with a few clicks you can manually sync your updates. This flexibility is a huge bonus.

4. When can I get started?

We’re ready to start when you are! The Square for WooCommerce extension has been released and our team is prepared for the integration. Just give me a call at 952-697-5211 or request a consultation. We can get your company’s Square and WooCommerce integration working smoothly before your first state fair Pronto Pup.

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