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If you’re building a new website, consider simplifying your life by including features that transform it into a true marketing workhorse. At Checkerboard, we recommend building integrated websites that enable our clients to automate their social media postings and email marketing, and manage other digital marketing tasks from a single dashboard.

We became WordPress experts because it enables us to add user-friendly features that turn websites into revved-up extensions of our clients’ sales teams.

Your website is one of your most crucial promotional channels. With full integration with other digital marketing elements, you’ll be able to manage a robust marketing program with fewer keystrokes.

Feed your social media channels automatically. It’s essential that you tell your story where your buyers are listening. We typically recommend connecting a new website with Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and YouTube. Then as you post fresh content to your integrated website, you can schedule corresponding social media posts at the same time. Most of our clients say this is one of their favorite features.
Send email updates to customers and prospects. Our team also sets up a lot of these database marketing programs. As clients add fresh content to their sites, it is sent to all or selected subsets of their database.
Maximize SEO. We’re a marketing company, so naturally this gets a lot of our attention. Your site needs to be found if it’s going to support your sales. Make sure it is built around your specific keywords and phrases by embedding them into your page titles, descriptions and blogs.

Our experience with integrated sites

Checkerboard has been building hard-working websites for nearly 20 years. We learn something new with every build, and we implement that knowledge into the next build. Tightly integrated websites work best for our clients. Our goal remains to lead our industry by building websites that grow with our clients, meeting their current and future needs. Our award-winning creative team stays up to date with the latest technologies to ensure every site we build has a solid marketing foundation that will help the client achieve their marketing goals.

Get your website working for you
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