Responsive: To Be or Not to Be? That is the question.

by | Jan 24, 2019 | Design, Web Development | 0 comments

Did you know that less than two-thirds of small businesses have a website? Did you also know that 52.2 percent of all website traffic was generated through mobile devices?1

It is estimated that in 2019 that 94 percent of all websites will be mobile friendly.2 With such a large amount of traffic being generated on mobile devices, it is ever more important for websites to look great across every platform imaginable. After all, first impressions are everything. You can have a great store that provides high-end retail, but if your website looks like a glittery Myspace layout then customers will surely take notice.

In 2001, when Audi launched the very first mobile friendly website, very few people were actually using mobile devices. Luckily, Audi had peered through the technology Crystal Ball and set the standard for the future of web development.3

So, the million dollar question in 2019 is this: Should your business have a mobile friendly website? The answer is simple: Yes. Think about it this way. How many people are on the go looking for something specific in their area? These people would rather take out their cell phone and Google something than go all the way home and fire up the ol’ laptop. Now if your website is one of the first to come up in Google but it looks like something out of the stone-age, customers may think you’re operating out of your garage or that you went out of business years ago. It’s so easy to hit the back button and find the next professional looking company. You would never rent out a $10,000 a month storefront to hang up a sign made out of poster board and glitter.

So always keep in mind that your website is the way people perceive your business. And at any given time, perhaps right this second, someone is finding you on Google. Are you making a good impression and standing out from the competition? You should.


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