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When we last designed our website, we reviewed our content planning process to determine the kinds of updates we wanted to write and schedule regularly. We categorized those into such topics as “Fresh Ideas” and “Quick Tips”. For our new site, we changed our categories to better reflect the fresh, clever digital content we have been creating over the last year or so. This content was more geared towards our growing number of services.

Just as we’ve seen our own content needs evolve and grow, we’ve seen our clients’ need for content increase dramatically. Businesses typically need a huge variety of content to achieve their marketing goals. At any given time, our writers are working on landing pages, blogs, social media, scripts and white papers. They also edit our clients’ existing content.

Sometimes all a website needs is a gentle tweak coupled with a little finesse.

Then there’s adjusting and re-categorizing content, the task we just completed, to better reflect the company’s current business direction. It’s easy to see how time-consuming this can be for clients as they attempt to get all this done on their own. It would take a lot of time away from their primary responsibilities.  

We had to go back and categorize four years’ worth of blog posts to match our new categories. In some cases, we made slight adjustments to headlines and body copy. The result is a more cohesive content library that makes more sense to our visitors. It better supports our current services and goals, and the direction we’re taking as a digital marketing agency.  

While this may seem like a housekeeping task, we employed a strong element of strategic marketing in this process. Every category and every blog was carefully worded to support and deliver on our primary message themes.  

The time we devoted to this project has already paid off. Our content is well organized and more impactful. Sometimes all a website needs is a gentle tweak coupled with a little finesse. We’d be happy to help you evaluate your content categories, to determine if they are helping or hurting your site’s effectiveness. To learn more,  call us at 952-697-5211 or complete our simple form.

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