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Everyone knows what spam is, and chances are you deal with it on a daily basis. When you run a website, spam can come at you from multiple sources: your email, contact forms and comments on your website. Today, most sites use what’s called CAPTCHA to keep the spammers and robots at bay. But CAPTCHA can be annoying from a user experience standpoint. We’ve all tried to type in those letters and had to re-do it because we thought an r was really a v or couldn’t decipher what the letters were in the first place.

If your site is running on the WordPress platform – and it should be – you’re in luck! A handy little plugin developed by Todd Lahman, runs in the background to virtually eliminate spam. Your users will never see it, and you won’t even have to remember it’s there.

Simple Comments costs you $29/year and brings you the peace of mind that your site is in good hands. Installing the plugin is simple. You can purchase a license through Todd Lahman and install it yourself, or we can install it for you! Contact us today to learn more about how Simple Comments can protect your site and your time from unwanted comments, emails and form submissions.