A simple four-step process for gaining more Twitter followers …

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One hundred and forty Twitter characters can make a billboard’s worth of marketing impact. But unlike billboard advertisers, Twitter users can change traffic flow. There are techniques you can use to increase the number of people who receive your Tweets. We show our clients how to extend their reach on social media. Here is a simple four-step process for gaining more Twitter followers.

  • Find. First look for people who have influence over your target market. Search Twitter and Google to see who’s providing information about industry trends. Check out Wefollow to find popular Twitter voices in areas of interest.  
  • Follow. Choosing other Twitter users to follow is about quality not quantity. Follow people whose opinions carry weight or who can offer business opportunities. Follow people whose activities you’d like to track. Follow reporters. Follow your customers.
  • List. Once you’ve followed other users, create lists to help you narrow down which users’ tweets to view at once. Consider creating separate lists for customers, businesses, media outlets and authors. You’ll be better able to focus on each group and organize your Twitter activity.
  • Engage. To really build your Twitter following, you need to interact with other users. Retweet what other users say; mention them in your tweets. Compliment other businesses or people. Provide your audience with worthwhile, helpful content. Post content so noteworthy that your followers will want to retweet it to others.

Bonus tip: Remember that other users make snap judgments about whether to follow you or not. Ensure your Twitter profile makes a positive first impression. Choose your header photo and profile language carefully. It should be clear from the first glance that following you on Twitter will be worth your audience’s time.

When used strategically, Twitter can drive followers to your website and help build a devoted following. Use the same best practices on Twitter that you would use in face-to-face networking: Listen to what others are saying and ask them about it. Then they’ll be more open to learning about you, too.

If you don’t have time to create a steady stream of engaging content, we can write it for you. Our social media experts can help you build a strategy that carries your message to new customers.

Social media is a place where business customers are open to hearing new ideas. Make your social media posts redirect traffic. Call us at 952-697-5211 or complete our contact form. We’ll help you draw new customers to your website and build stronger relationships with your existing customer base.

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