This marketing term may alter your approach to social media marketing

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Keeping up our marketing knowledge helps us plan focused, clear promotional strategies for our clients. One academic marketing term, and what you should do with it, may change how you plan your social media marketing. Our website property managers apply this concept as they set up and execute clients’ digital marketing campaigns. This term is: Promotional Mix Channels. Here are three questions to consider:

  1. What are the Promotional Mix Channels?

Almost all promotions will fit into one of the following five Promotional Mix Channels: media coverage, website, social media, advertising and personal selling.

  1. How can you best use the Promotional Mix Channels?

Integrate how you use them. Plan how your social media marketing, website content and digital ads will coordinate with your media coverage. Once media stories have run, repurpose them as social media posts and website material.

  1. Who can help me integrate the Promotional Mix Channels?

Consider enlisting a Checkerboard website property manager. Property managers are connected to our team of marketing and technical experts. They have a wealth of tools at their fingertips. Your dedicated website property manager will plan how your digital ads and social media marketing work together with your media coverage and website content. For example, if a Chicago newspaper runs an article about your product, your property manager can run a social media campaign aimed at Chicago audiences in the same time period.

Remember that your website is a promotional channel. Website property managers can execute content marketing programs, analyze website usage patterns and watch for opportunities to make website improvements. They use Google Analytics, Google AdWords and WordPress to their clients’ benefit. They integrate websites with social media marketing and other channels.

Find out how a website property manager can integrate your marketing. Your property manager will work with you to develop a tailored plan, created specifically to address your marketing goals. Call us at (952) 697-5211 or complete our contact form. Enlisting a website property manager assures you get the most out of your website and helps you integrate it with the other Promotional Mix Channels.


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