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If your head is buried in a pile of paperwork or you’re running from meeting to meeting, you may be missing out on a critical business tool: big data. Knowing what your customers are saying, which trends are developing (and which are fading) and what your competitors are doing can give you a distinct marketing advantage. The gathering of this information is called social listening. It’s not always easy to get, but it is always insightful.

Too many marketers ignore big data. They invest ample resources in campaigns that miss the mark. Or they learn too late that their product’s reputation is less than stellar. I sound like my third-grade teacher when I say this, but they wouldn’t be in that situation if they had been listening.

Social listening gives you the data you need to make informed decisions. It gives you unparalleled market insight into your customer’s thoughts, feelings and actions. It tells you which content is being shared and which is being ignored. It fuels your own high-performing content. Best of all, having all of this relevant data gives you peace of mind and helps you avoid costly mistakes.
It doesn’t matter if you sell to a global market or a local neighborhood, the big data received from social listening makes you a better marketer. Understanding the trends and hearing about your industry in your customer’s voice gives you the insights needed to produce more effective campaigns.

I recommend that all of our clients invest in social listening because it helps fuel media-worthy content. Every media outlet is scouring the internet looking for the latest trends. They each want to be the first to report on the next big thing. We love filling their needs with client stories that are the perfect match to the latest trends. Social listening provides us the big data to do just that. 

Get started by downloading our free report about American media trends. It provides eye-opening insights on where you should be spending your marketing dollars. And when you’re ready for information specifically targeted to your industry or product, call me at 952-697-5269. We can discuss how big data from social listening can help you stay a step ahead.