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social media campaign
February 23, 2016

Social media marketing can be spontaneous, and that’s a good thing. But with advance planning, you can deliver your content to a wider audience. And you can do so efficiently, while sending a consistent message. Here are seven ways we can help you improve your social media campaign.

  1. Integrate social media with your website. We can set up your WordPress website so that as you post new blog entries, they will automatically be sent to Facebook, Twitter, Google+  and other social media networks. This helps you efficiently share your content with a wider audience. We can also help you add social media icons to highly visible locations on your website. This makes it easy for web visitors to follow you and build a relationship with you. 
  2. Use technology to post your content efficiently. Writing social media content is just the first step. Posting it on multiple platforms ‒ and on a scheduled basis ‒  is another. Fortunately tools exist to simplify the posting process. We can help you use WordPress and CoSchedule to post content more easily and quickly.
  3. Smart keyword strategy. Blog entries can help your website appear in Internet searches, especially if you use keywords wisely. We can use tools such as Google Trends to discover what terms Internet users are frequently using in searches related to your product or industry. Then we can help you incorporate these keywords into blog entries to boost your search engine optimization (SEO).
  4. Social media listening.  To know what consumers want to hear, you need to listen to them first. We use tools such as Sprout Social to find out what topics appeal to consumers and the media. Listening helps us find out if there are questions that need to be addressed or trending topics that beg to be discussed.
  5. Media-grade Content. With one Internet search, audiences can find websites galore to skim and browse. To attract (and hold) audience interest, your writing needs to be top-notch. Our writers are experienced professionals who know how to write for the web. They produce content that would fit in at virtually any media outlet.
  6. Integrate your social media with your media coverage. Social media and media coverage are both colorful, appealing and in-the-moment. Each can help increase the other’s impact. Share your media coverage on social media. 
  7. Cohesive strategy. As you work with multiple promotional channels, take care to send a consistent message. We can help you define your messaging and keep communications focused. We can also help you create an editorial calendar that covers all of your key messages.

People frequently run Internet searches or turn to social media to find answers. With research and planning, your solutions can be more visible. Your social media marketing can attract website traffic and boost your media coverage’s impact.

This takes some work, and we can assist you. We can conduct keyword research, write content and help you post it. Our writers, digital marketers and web designers center their work around sound marketing principles. We help companies grow.

To find out more about our services, call us at 952-697-5211 or complete our form. Tell us about your company. We’ll discuss ways to make your social media campaign more impactful.