Facebook Business Manager simplifies social media marketing for our clients

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As soon as Facebook announced its new account management system called Business Manager last year, Checkerboard began investigating how it may benefit our clients. One major benefit, especially if you have multiple employees managing your social media marketing, is that using Business Manager is a more secure way to manage your Facebook Pages and ad accounts. You don’t need as many shared logins. We can help you make the switch.

What we’re teaching our clients about Business Manager

Business Manager offers more flexibility and organization to your ad account. This is especially useful if your company or organization:

  • Has more than one service or product line
  • Has separate company pages
  • Is a marketing agency such as Checkerboard

We’re advising clients to get rid of their Facebook “gray” accounts

Business Manager is replacing the Facebook “gray” account. When working in a gray account, you have two separate logins, and do not have the ability to access your Facebook Business Page within your Facebook Profile. This type of account also limits the other features that are otherwise available, including:

  • Being included in search
  • Access to apps
  • Ability to send or receive friend requests
  • Seeing updates or interacting with others on Facebook

In contrast to the gray account and its limitations, our Website Property Managers especially like Business Manager because it offers its own set of perks for business administrators and employees:

  • All in one place: Manage Facebook Pages and ad accounts in one location
  • Work more efficiently: Cut down on the time it takes to set up and manage Pages and ad accounts
  • Greater control: View who has access to your Pages and ad accounts, with the ability to remove or change permissions
  • Keep work separate from personal: You don’t need to be friends with anyone from work to get access to Pages and ad accounts

If you are still working on a gray account, it is time to make the switch! We will migrate your gray account to Facebook Business Manager with ease. Don’t currently have a business management account? We can get you set up and trained in on how to use it. Contact our team at 612-787-SITE or online here for help in migrating or setting up your Facebook Business Manager. In the meantime, get caught up on other new Facebook features, including their call-to-action buttons and save feature on our blog.

Image courtesy of Sean MacEntee on Flickr.

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