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social media plan
January 19, 2016

People love to share their opinions online. Consider how often people use social media to express their thoughts. The new Twitter conversational ads appeal to this interest. They make it fun for consumers to discuss a product online. We monitor for new social media developments so we can help you create a well-informed social media plan.

Twitter conversational ads ask users a question. They can choose between answer choices on two buttons. After selecting a button, a tweet with their answer is created for them. Users can customize the message or just hit “Tweet”. They can share their thoughts and deliver your message in the process. The ad thanks participants and provides a website link for more information. The ad also includes a video or graphic.

Twitter conversational ads have the following advantages:

  • They are interactive. Users become active participants in your marketing, rather than skimming past your message.
  • They make it easy for readers to participate. Users can simply choose an answer and then hit “Tweet”. They don’t even need to type a whole message.
  • They thank participants. A little gratitude can go a long way in building a relationship with your customers and prospects on social media.
  • They encourage readers to visit your website. After users begin clicking on your social media marketing, they receive a link to your website. What’s one more click?
  • Readers can distribute your message to their followers. When users tweet their responses, their friends receive your message in their Twitter feed. This helps increase brand awareness.

Asking questions shows you care what people think. It helps build relationships. And that’s what these new ads do. While Twitter conversational ads are in beta and not available for everyone, it’s smart to start planning how to incorporate them into your social media plan.

We monitor for new social media tools to help you tell your story. We can inform you of new developments, write posts and set up ads for you. We’ll integrate your social media content with your website and media coverage. We’ll keep your brand message consistent throughout your marketing.

Social media enables you to interact with individual consumers. It’s colorful and fun. And there are tools you can use to improve your effectiveness. Contact us so we can help you use them. Call us at 952-697-5211 or complete our form. We’ll help you create a social media plan that appeals to consumer interest.