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If video isn’t yet part of your marketing strategy, you may want to consider an update. It’s a powerful and engaging way to tell your story. Videos are craveable, shareable content. That’s why so many go viral. They are also amazingly effective. Some marketing experts say including video on your landing page can significantly increase conversions. Others suggest including videos in emails increases your click-through rate. Still more tout video advertising’s trustworthiness. And, you are probably aware that YouTube views are soaring. This is certain: Videos are no longer an option for marketing. They’re a necessity.

Do more than tell your story. Show it. 

Our team can create the video you need to tell your story, from a 15-second advertising spot to a 60-minute training video. We use professional video production tools, just like the other guys. But when you work with us, you get a lot more. You have access to our experienced team of storytellers, digital advertisers, writers, designers and videographers. We make sure your video is expertly crafted for your specific end use.

What you get from us


As an award-winning agency with 20+ years under our belt, we have extensive experience navigating design trends and best practices. We have a history working with organizations of all sizes, and you can count on us to work effectively with your internal teams. In a world of increasing specialization, you can trust Checkerboard to bring our best to every project and add value to your business through design.

An award-winning team that listens to your needs
A video designed with strategy in mind
Access to our team of writers for script creation and editing

“Much of today’s user experience, especially on social media, is watching videos. If they don’t draw you in right away, you often don’t watch the whole thing. Our knowledge of what users want paired with your passions is what we use to create a unique and on brand video created just for you. ”

Hannah maupin

Digital Designer

Video production and More

After creating your video, marketing it is key. Our professionals will expand your video’s audience by sending it out on social media and making it accessible through multiple platforms. Find out more about what we offer:

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We strive to provide the best tools, ideas, and aesthetics to help you bring your message to the world, creating impact, engagement, and excitement.

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