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No matter how good your website, video or brochure looks or functions, it needs words to completely tell your product’s story. There’s an art to crafting this material. You need content that resonates with your audience. It needs to be clear, concise and engaging. Marketing copy needs to encourage readers to take the next step in your sales process. If it’s for the web, it needs to be search engine optimized. And of course, all content must be error free. High-quality copywriting is a challenge for many clients, which is why we have a team of business news writers on staff.

Your story, strategically told

Our Business News Group delivers premium work that’s in perfect tune with your company’s needs. That’s because we are marketing experts. Whether you need a landing page, brochure copy, a press release or a video script, we’ll produce high-quality content that keeps the reader engaged. We can complete a single project – new website text, event collateral materials or pre-written articles – or be your ongoing source for blog, email and social media content. And unlike some copywriting services, we’re up for any challenge.

What you get from us


As an award-winning agency with 20+ years under our belt, we have extensive experience navigating design trends and best practices. We have a history working with organizations of all sizes, and you can count on us to work effectively with your internal teams. In a world of increasing specialization, you can trust Checkerboard to bring our best to every project and add value to your business through design.

High-caliber business news writers skilled in producing content for a variety of uses
Flexibility of having an on-call writing team
Expertly written content, free of reputation-damaging errors
Media-Grade Content which meets the media’s stringent standards for news that is worthy of mass communication

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We strive to provide the best tools, ideas, and aesthetics to help you bring your message to the world, creating impact, engagement, and excitement.

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