Portfolio:Fish Partner Network

Campaign Goals:

  • Create 2 websites that are automatically synced
  • Streamline a process for needs to be posted and met
  • Simplify management steps and make management easier
Families & Individuals Sharing Hope (FISH) is a non-profit organization that helps 80 different partners in the faith, business, service and government sectors come together to fill the needs of their community. Partners who are registered with the FISH website can post and fill needs, so it was important for the site to have a framework that supports user-driven content. We worked to create 2 websites, one external and one internal, that would help the needs of families be met as efficiently as possible.

Here's how we helped them out

WordPress Development

The previous site was on Sharepoint, where many features were broken. We moved the site to WordPress, and created a framework that would be easier to manage. The WordPress build consisted of two parts: An external website, and an internal application where connections take place. We utilized multiple custom post types, allowed for an extensive approval process, and create a lot of custom code to create a seamless integration.

User Experience Design

The old Sharepoint site had a number of broken features that made the site difficult to use. Not only did we fix the parts that were broken, we also created a modern UX design that helps people easily get to important pages. Management of the site was also made a lot easier, and UX elements like site speed were improved.

Responsive Web Design

We made a responsive design that looks great on all screen resolutions. This allows users to have a straightforward experience regardless of whether they're viewing the site on a smartphone, tablet, or computer. This design is future-proof, and allows FISH Partners to post or fill needs wherever they are.

Internal Application

In order to support user-driven content and create a more streamlined management process, we created an internal application to support the external sites. Building the internal application involved the creation of multiple custom post types, all of which needed to relate to each other in different ways. Needs are posted by partners and affiliates who don’t log in to the site. Then, other partners and affiliates can make offers, which are approved by the original poster of the need.

Each step has its own approval process, and each step also includes multiple emails which are sent to a combination of administrators, the poster, and other partners and affiliates. None of these features were out of the box and we created quite a bit of custom code to make it all work together.

The Results

A few months after site launch, the new internal system has proven highly effective at improving efficiency of management. On the external site, important features have been restored and the new design is beautiful and in line with the theme of their organization. Both websites perform effectively and allow for a straightforward, easy-to-understand experience. We are thrilled to have been part of this project and can’t wait to see it reach even more people in the Scott County community.

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