Portfolio:Allweather Roof

Campaign Goals:

  • Create a modern design that stands out in the industry and uses updated imagery
  • Increase leads by improving the sales funnel
  • Create an easy-to-edit site that can be regularly updated by staff
Allweather Roof is an award-winning commercial roofing company who has been restoring roofs since 1925. Their old website functioned fairly well, but had some outdated information and a non-responsive design. They wanted a site that offered a strong sales funnel and positive user experience on mobile, while also putting greater emphasis on images and new video.

Here's how we helped them out

User Experience Design

We built the site from the perspective of the user, showing them what they want to see when they want to see it. We planned a thorough site structure that allows for easy navigation, and included a number of hot links from the homepage using a modern yet informative design. We also optimized the sales funnel and made it especially easy for anyone to Request a Quote of Report a Leak, and made their phone number readily available on every page.

Responsive Web Design

We constructed a responsive design that looks great on every device. This allows mobile users to have a positive experience, while also helping mobile SEO and conversion rate for non-desktop users. You don't need separate pages for mobile and desktop, nor do you need bulky code. Just one set of code, allowing for a fast and easy experience on mobile, tablet, or desktop.

WordPress Development

We developed a new WordPress site that stands out in the industry, is easy to customize, and filled with helpful features. The framework performs efficiently, and easily integrates with other platforms and customized features. The site includes a custom template to easily add people to the Staff page, allows for job posting, new projects, and much more. Instructions on making edits were compiled into a convenient User Guide for Allweather Roof to use when needed.

Search Engine Optimization

Every aspect of the site was done with SEO best practices in mind. After extensive keyword research, we selected more than 30 primary keywords and optimized each page to rank for the terms. Most SEO work was done on the homepage and category, and was seamlessly integrated to improve search performance without lowering user experience. Page redirects were compiled to maintain past search positions, and the site quickly started ranking higher and for new keywords.

The Results

Allweather Roof’s new website featured a stunning full-width design with beautiful imagery of their Landmark projects. Their projects and service are brought to the forefront, and a strong sales funnel was incorporated throughout the increase conversion rate. Not only does the site look beautiful, it is also fast, easy to edit, and responsive. Custom menus connect all the services and service areas together, and all data collected is implemented with their previous internal processes to allow for a smooth transition. The site should see a quick improvement in organic traffic from the SEO work, and the design will look great for many years to come. 

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