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Campaign Goals:

Midwest Production Supply is a leading distributor of cleanroom and static control products, selling to industries that need controlled environments for production of sensitive materials. The Burnsville company had a number of issues with their past e-commerce store, and were looking for a new site that had an easy-to-use sales funnel and drew in more leads.

Here's how we helped them out

E-Commerce Design

MPS needed an online store that could function without glitches. After moving to WooCommerce, the new site features an easy-to-use ecommerce integration, complete with over 2000 products. The site does a lot more than simply sell products, it also includes a strategic sales funnel, enhanced dropshipping and login features, along with custom integrations to help ease the ordering process.

WordPress Development

We developed a WordPress site that stands out in the industry, is easy to customize, and filled with helpful features. The previous site was built with custom HTML, which made it difficult to edit. Now that the site is on WordPress, MPS can edit parts of the site without the need of a develop. The framework performs efficiently, and easily integrates with other platforms and customized features.

Responsive Web Design

The future has arrived for the internet, and every website needs to look create on every screen resolution. We constructed a responsive design that looks great on every device. This allows mobile users to have a positive experience, while also helping mobile SEO and conversion rate for non-desktop users. The new design is future-proof, and will look great on every new phone or tablet size.

User Experience Design

The old website had an over-adundance of categories, and lacked a central call to action. We created a site structure that would streamline the process, and make navigation easy from one category to the next. Both the navigation and e-commerce experience were given helpful features to make for a simple process. Users are quickly engaged with top products, and find a clear purchasing experience throughout.

Search Engine Optimization

We created a site structure and crafted content with SEO best practices in mind. After extensive keyword research, we selected 30 primary keywords and optimized pages to rank for the terms. In an industry dominated by Google Ads instead of Google SEO, this allows MPS to be found on the first page of Google without having to pay for each click.

Digital Advertising

We planned and created an advertising campaign utilizing Google Search Ads, Google Shopping, and retargeting. After creating a feed and a number of rules, we put together a shopping return with a large ROI, along with high-performing search ads to bring in great leads and a large number of sales. Ads are continuously tweaked in order to maximize effectiveness.

The Results

Midwest Production Supply’s new website has a modern design with a seamless e-commerce experience, strategically designed to increase leads and improve conversion rate. The WordPress framework has a number of user-friendly tools which allows MPS to easily track orders, make changes, and integrate with their internal ordering process. Products are more available in search engines, and users won’t be frustrated with e-commerce problems or a lack of mobile responsiveness.

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