Portfolio:Greenway Lab

Campaign Goals:

  • Create a high-functioning e-commerce platform which can be used used wholesale or purchased by customers
  • Create a unique design that stands out
  • Improve overall site functionality
Greenway Research Lab produces private label salon supplies with new and unique formulations. Selling to both professional stylists and customers, they needed an e-commerce site that could deliver multiple prices and shopping experiences. Their old site was non-functional and under a different brand, so we needed to come up with e-commerce solutions, a fresh design, and a clean user experience.

Here's how we helped them out

E-Commerce Design

The new Greenway website features enhanced e-commerce including multiple prices for each product, set to display depending on the user type. Products can also be ordered as a white label product or with Greenway branding. In the backend, the ordering process wass changed to match the processes of the company. While there were lots of customizations to WooCommerce, it is still easy to use for customers.

User Experience Design

We built the site from the perspective of the user, using a modern app-style design. We planned a thorough site structure that allows for easy navigation, and an even mix between product categories and white label information. We also optimized the sales funnel and made it especially easy for anyone to get information about white labeling or to order products.

Responsive Web Design

The old website not only featured soft branding, but it also wasn't mobile-friendly. In the new build, we constructed a responsive design that looks great on every device, all while using just one URL and one set of code. This allows mobile users to have a positive experience, while also helping mobile SEO and conversion rate for non-desktop users.

WordPress Development

We developed a new WordPress site that stands out in the industry, is easy to customize, and filled with helpful features. The framework performs efficiently, and easily integrates with other platforms and customized features. Customizations were done in the backend to manage stock efficiently, and use user type to optimize e-commerce experience.

Search Engine Optimization

Every aspect of the site was done with SEO best practices in mind. We wrote out unique optimized content for every product category and page, along with backend optimization and a page speed focus. Keyword research and assignment was performed to ensure every page served a purpose in Google, and the site has since increased its traffic dramatically after having nearly zero traffic prior to launch.

The Results

Greenway Research Lab’s new website delivers a much better experience for its users, with a customized e-commerce experience, clean user experience, unique design and branding, and no more security or responsiveness issues. The site got more traffic and leads in the first 2 months after launch than it did in the previous year, and has steadily increased in traffic since launch. The modern design will last for many years, and Greenway has a solid marketing tool to grow their business.

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