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Digital advertising may seem simple – and it is — but there’s a science behind it. Checkerboard’s team is always on the alert to help our clients maximize their ad budgets. Sometimes our advice may seem counterintuitive. That’s what happened the week before this last Mother’s Day. Quick actions by our alert social media experts saved our client from wasting money, even though they were marketing to a very motivated audience.

We were working on a Facebook advertising campaign with a long-time client as part of their drive to increase local sales. To achieve this, Checkerboard targeted their Facebook followers within 30 miles of their brick-and-mortar store with targeted ads. They had paid to increase the reach of ads to a demographic that was already interested in their products and would be likely to buy more. This greatly increased the value of the audience they were reaching.

We have spent three years working with this client and managing their campaigns to the point where we know cost per acquisition and have a scalable system.  That’s why in the week heading into Mother’s Day we were alarmed when the cost of generating a $450 sale jumped from $10 to $50.

It turned out that a lot of other companies were also targeting the exact same demographic. If a lot of people are targeting your demographic, your reach goes down, cost per click, and ultimately cost per acquisition, goes up.

To protect our client’s social media ad budget, we turned off the Facebook ads for three days and restarted them when fewer people were targeting our potential customers. We didn’t spend their advertising dollars trying to capture a market that wasn’t there.

Many people at all skill levels buy into Facebook advertising. At peak times this can have a dramatic effect on results. Sometimes what you think is your best bet, may not be. Shut it off, keep your budget, start it up later. Checkerboard’s campaigns are so dialed in, we know when to expand and contract the budget. We won’t let your social media advertising dollars go to waste.

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