Five types of share-worthy content your marketing should have

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Content marketing strives to inspire, influence and move people to action. But when you’re under deadline and staring at a blank screen, those lofty goals can seem insurmountable. When clients call us to help with these situations, we may use one of these five types of share-worthy content.

Here are the five share-worthy angles you may want to try:

  1. Give readers a fresh perspective to an everyday topic. For example, instead of simply describing the rise in career opportunities for women in construction, talk about the surge in contractors’ tools sized to fit women’s hands.  
  2. Educate while entertaining. Illustrate your well-written content with a YouTube video. Dr. Oz uses this formula on his TV show with huge success. He features animations and giant models of body parts. Some people are visual learners. Others prefer to read and absorb. Good content appeals to both audience types.  
  3. Tell a compelling story. Channel your inner Mark Twain, who was a champion at using a captivating story to convey his message. People love behind-the-scenes stories. Tell how your company name or logo was developed, how your first prototype was created, or a human interest story about one of your company’s leaders. Give people reasons to connect with you and your product on multiple levels.
  4. Take your audience on a journey. Whether you source internationally, or all of your suppliers are domestic, introduce your customers to the faces and locations that are integral to your business.  
  5. Remind people of long-forgotten basics. Nostalgia is nearly always a hit. Compare and contrast. Grandma may have sworn by cod liver oil. Today, you may sell purified omega-3 supplements that don’t cause fish burps. Tell readers why you are the present and the future.

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