Seven ways to promote products more effectively on Facebook

by | Aug 26, 2015 | Integrated Marketing | 0 comments

More than 960 million people used Facebook on a daily basis in June 2015. Imagine the benefits of being able to draw more of these users to your website. Well-designed Facebook ads and content can help you attract web visitors. As a Web Property Manager, I help our clients use digital advertising and social media marketing to tell their stories. At the recent Boost your Business with Facebook event in Minneapolis, I learned some key takeaways to help our clients promote products more effectively on Facebook:

1. Be authentic. Tell your unique story. What is it about your business and the people involved which makes you stand out from the rest? Establish and maintain the voice of your company.

2. Humanize your voice. Give a personal, “insider view” of your business. Let consumers feel as if they are involved. Incorporate some transparency: Show how your products are created.

3. Make a personal connection. Tap into your target consumers’ emotions. Understand what they really want, and offer it to them.

4. Use a soft sell. Post interesting, creative, intriguing content with product reminders mixed in.

5. Craft shareable content. Content that is share-worthy has a reach that goes beyond your initial audience of page followers or paid impressions. Create quality content that makes your audience look good to their friends when they share it.

6. Reach the right people. Targeting brings your message to the right people, in the right area, at the right time. If you are selling wedding dresses at a local brick-and-mortar store, you’ll want to target customers who live in a certain geographic area. As a Web Property Manager, I use native and advanced targeting to direct our clients’ Facebook advertising to a specific audience.

7. Track your results. Start with clear, measurable objectives. Having a good strategy in place helps you calculate the return on investment and overall effectiveness of your campaigns. Using my knowledge of Google Analytics and Facebook reports, I help clients understand which content and ads are attracting the most web traffic and leads.

A final reminder about quality: Your content will be showing up in individuals’ newsfeeds amid personal updates from friends and family. Your post or ad may appear between vacation photos and an engagement announcement. Your content needs to be just as eye-catching to gain your audience’s attention.

Facebook marketing can reach large numbers of people very quickly and economically. But to be effective, your content needs to tell an insightful story and reach the right audience. Our Checkerboard team has the marketing knowledge and technical skills to help you do so. We create engaging content that builds a relationship with your audience and draws them to your website. We design and execute digital marketing strategies to reach specific population segments.

Part of Facebook’s mission statement is “to give people the power … to share and express what matters to them.” We help businesses become what matters to consumers. We help businesses reach the right people with the right story.

I enjoy discussing digital marketing and sharing what I know. Call me and let’s talk for a few minutes. Let’s generate a plan that can help your business. You can reach me by calling 952-697-5211 or by completing our online form.

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