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It’s OK if writing isn’t your thing. That doesn’t have to stop you from succeeding. Historians say that Winston Churchill and Benjamin Franklin were notoriously poor spellers, for example. But marketing requires well-written content. If you struggle with writing, give us a call. We’re available to edit what you’ve started and transform it into Media-Grade Content®.

Please puke on the paper.

I once worked with a leader who hated to write. She’d dump information into a Word document (she called it “puking on the paper”) then she’d send it to me to clean up. I’d do the heavy editing, then together we’d polish it. It was a pleasant, time-efficient solution.

“Puke on the paper” may be a cringe-worthy phrase but it’s memorable. The next time you’re staring at a blank screen, agonizing about a writing project, you’ll probably remember it.

We offer stand-alone writing and editing services even if you aren’t a web, social media or digital marketing client. Just open a house account and start sending us projects.